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You are naturally amazing, stay that way by using % natural products Opened on Little Majlis in May 2015

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You are naturally amazing, stay that way

Our company slogan says it all about us and we will help you stay naturally awesome and we do not need any chemicals to do it! Our company is called Natural Living Limited and our office is at MASDAR City (the sustainable city) in Abu Dhabi. The main focus of our company is to source 100% natural, sustainable and fair trade, body care products.

Natural Living Limited invests in SUSTAINABLE products and companies that promote 100% NATURAL products.

Our environment, our body is constantly attacked by the millions of chemicals all around us, which is seriously affecting our environment and our health.

Health should be perhaps the most important aspect to be taken care off of one’s life. Without health, we cannot function effectively, and therefore no life!

All our natural bodycare products such as soaps, scrubs, oils are made from the purest and the very best of food grade essential oils, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, olive, castor, rice bran oils, handmade by village ladies in various parts of India and to top it all off it is wrapped in completely natural, biodegradable banana fiber material for the soaps and chemical-free containers.

We believe our product’s authenticity to being natural that we use it on ourselves and our young children.

What’s even better is that, because our products are 100% natural, there is NO POLLUTION! Our products do not pollute our bodies and our environment in any way.

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